Sunday, January 24, 2010

Training Jan 18-Jan 24

Total Mileage: 50+
Runs: 7
LR: 13+(Sat) @8:36 pace

Workout(s): Hill 5x2min

Had another good 50+ week this week for Team RunDiggerRun.  Having fun and finding it motivating to know that the miles posted on the logs are not only motivating myself to run longer and faster but also to move and motivate others  - that is what is all about right. Mileage is good for where I want to be while I still am trying to decide on which marathon to shoot for in May - Sugarloaf which I have run (which will be a fast course) or Vermont City Marathon (which I have never run but have heard so many great things about).

Running in Maine in the winter can be pretty tricky.  We have had some snow land this week and running the street before they are cleared slows the pace down quite a bit in conjunction with the safety concerns of getting hit by a double wide plow.

Joined the DailyMile to give this a poke.  So know I have RunningAhead, Buckeyeoutdoors, and DailyMile. I won't be able to keep up all three online logs but using this to evaluate which online log works best for me.  I've been using RunningAhead and like its simplicity and works for me as a Mac Addict.  Daily Mile is expected to have Garmin integration this coming month so that will be a real test but so far I am a day into Daily Mile with the Honest Abe Challenge - to try to run 16 Miles over the weekend from a series of twitter post from Friday.  I will say, it motivated me to join and so far I am finding alot of value from the new cast and new sites I am being introduced to.  I am having fun along the way, which is what it all about, right.

Quote of the week: "Whatever you are, be a good one." - Lincoln.

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